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18" Wooden Sleigh Kit, Perfect for Holiday Decor, Gifts, and lots of fun to relax and paint. We have many designs to choose from in the Store under Art Kits. You will receive a QR Code in your Kit to watch a Step by Step Painting Tutorial online by Master Artist Julie Robinson of the design you've chosen. All acrylic painting supplies, brushes and details you need to complete this painting is included.

ART KIT 18"Wooden Sleigh 'Singing Snowman'

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  • 18" Unpainted Wooden Sleigh or 8X10"" White Canvas

    All Paint Colors needed to complete your chosen painting lesson

    1" Flat paint brush, 1/2" Flat paint brush and Liner brush for 18" Sled

    1/2" Flat brush, 1/4" Flat brush and Liner for 8X10 canvas design

    Tracers for your design with Carbon paper to trace

    A small pencil for tracing, and a mini Sharpie for outlining

    A disposable apron

    Paper Towels

    A painting palette to mix colors

    A color picture of your design

    Written instructions 

    A link to watch a Video Tutorial of a Step by Step painting lesson led by Art Instructor, Julie Robinson, of your design.


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