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•    8”X10” White Canvas
•    All Paint Colors needed to complete your chosen painting lesson. 
•    ½” Flat paint brush, ¼” Flat paint brush and Liner brush
•    Carbon paper
•    Mini pencil for tracing, and a mini Sharpie for outlining
•    A disposable apron
•    Paper Towels
•    A painting palette to mix colors
•    A link to watch a Video Tutorial of a Step by Step painting lesson led by Art Instructor, Julie Robinson, of your design. A downloadable Tracer matching your design and written instructions if needed.

Party packs available in packs of 5 or 10

Subscribe to Pink Kit Monthly and Save!
Pink Kit Monthly gives you one complete Art Kit every month that matches our chosen Fun Art Monthly Video or Written Instructions. Treat yourself and/or a friend, to a beautiful gift of painting, relaxing, enjoying time to yourself or with that special friend. Get inspired again to create something beautiful to share or put up somewhere in your home, something you made that you can be proud of. Know of someone that loves to create? Need to uplift someone’s spirit? Art is an amazing therapy that can lift the spirit and take your mind off the troubles of today and into another beautiful world surely to put a smile on your face. 

Date Night anyone?

This is surprisingly one of the best kept secrets of couples that have tried a ‘Sip and Paint Date Night’! Many have said it’s the best date they’ve had in years! Time together eating, drinking, doing an activity, laughing and talking and maybe even a little competition. It’s a unique activity and fun to share. Add your favorite couple for a double date! Let Pink Mud Art Studio be the entertainment!

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