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Pink Mud Paint Parties

What Type of Paint Party?

Pink Mud Art Studio is a perfect place for art lovers of all skill levels to create something truly special, with the help of our talented and caring instructors. Our instructors will guide you step-by-step throughout the course of the lesson, making sure that even beginners feel comfortable with the painting process. Whether you want to unwind with a relaxing evening of painting, team build with your colleagues, or celebrate a special occasion, Pink Mud Art Studio has something for everyone!

Birthday Party



Welcome to Pink Mud Art Studio, where we offer you a unique way to celebrate life’s special moments. Our painting parties are perfect for any occasion, and we guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable experience. We use our creativity and passion to provide you with an atmosphere that is both relaxed and fun. We take pride in making sure that every single detail is covered so that you and your guests can enjoy the experience without any additional stress. In-person and Virtual events available. Join us for an evening of fun and creativity and take home a precious memory.

Beautiful Young Artist


Pink Mud Art Studio specializes in painting parties for all occasions. Whether you're looking for a date night, some quiet time to yourself, or an intimate gathering with friends, we've got you covered. Our art kits are designed to make the painting experience enjoyable and hassle-free, with everything you need in one convenient package. No experience necessary - just bring your creativity and let us do the rest! Our Art Kits include a Video Tutorial lesson taught by our talented artist instructor. We have single kits and multiple painter kits available.

Team Building Session


Experience the thrill of art with Pink Mud Art Studio. We offer state-of-the-art painting parties that are perfect for team building events. If you're looking for a unique way to bring your team together, try our fun and engaging painting parties — no experience required! Our talented artist will guide you through the process, so everyone can participate and create their own masterpiece or create a group project together. In-person events or Virtual Events available. With friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere, Pink Mud Art Studio is the perfect choice for your team building event. Let us know if you'd like a themed event.

Fundraising Opportunities


At Pink Mud Art Studio, we believe in making art accessible for everyone. That's why we offer painting parties that are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to fundraisers. We provide all the materials you need to create a beautiful painting, as well as easy, step-by-step instructions that are perfect for beginners and seasoned artists alike. Our team is dedicated to making your painting party a success, and we'll work with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

online event page_edited.jpg


At Pink Mud Art Studio, we specialize in creating unforgettable painting parties for groups of all sizes and occasions. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special event or enjoy a fun team-building activity, we’ve got you covered. Our online events include Zoom group classes to bring your group together from different locations, so you can join us from anywhere. We also offer specialized art kits that we send out to your group ahead of time, ensuring that everyone has everything they need to participate. Let us know if there is anything extra special you would like included in the Art Kit. We are great at creating themed events.



At Pink Mud Art Studio, we believe that everyone is an artist, and our goal is to help you tap into your inner creativity. We offer a wide variety of painting parties or virtual events that are perfect for all kinds of celebrations, from birthdays to baby showers, girls' nights, and date nights, single painting tutorials and team building events. We also offer gift certificates and art kit subscription gifts, so you can share the joy of creating with the special people in your life. Come paint with us and discover the artist within!

In-Person Paint Party Form
FAQ and Pricing

Book an In-Person Paint Party

1. Fill out the form submission to secure a date if available.

2. Read the FAQ below, it may answer any questions you have. Or you can ask any questions in the form.

3. You will receive a response to your form submission typically within 24 hours, not including weekends.

FAQ and Pricing

  1. Average time for a Paint Party is 2 1/2 hours. I need one hour prior to set up and about 45 minutes to clean up. Approximately 4 1/2 hours needed for the space. Painting Instruction will begin the time you choose to Start the Party. Have guests arrive up to 30 minutes early so everyone can start on time.

  2. Your guests will be painting for a couple of hours and a beverage is usually needed.  

  3. Lighting is important. Request additional lights if there is very low light.

  4. Access to water is needed. 

  5. Electrical outlet is helpful if a heat gun or blow dryer is needed.

  6. Access to restrooms is a must.

  7. Review the Fun Art Gallery page and pick the painting you'd like to paint with your group.

  8. For adult parties or a mix of ages, We require a minimum of six painters in a private party, a minimum package fee is $234. Individual fee is $39 per painter. Canvas size is 16"X20" unless specified. Wooden designs are up to $55 each, and Paint Your Pet is $75 each, our customer representative will email you regarding total price or individual price for your chosen project once you've submitted the completed the form.

  9. You may contact us anytime M-F 9:00-5:00.

  10. For kids only parties, Ages 8-16, A minimum of 10 painters in your party, a minimum package fee is $300. $30 each painter. Canvas size is 11"X14" unless specified.

  11. ADD ONS: Rentals: 6' Table $12.00 ea., Folding Chairs $2.00 ea., 4' food and drink table $10.00 (food and drink not-included), 10'X10' Canopy Tent $65 

  12. CANCELLATIONS: There are no refunds within one week of the party date. You may reschedule up to 24 hours before the event. If Pink Mud Instructor needs to cancel, you'll have the option to reschedule or receive a refund.

Book a Virtual Paint Party


  1. We have Art Kits available to match the design of any of the paintings you choose from our Fun Art Gallery.

  2. Our Virtual Paint Party Multi-Painter Packages are $50 per painter, minimum $300.  One shipping fee if all kits are shipped to the same address. Otherwise each kit sent to a different address will have its own shipping cost. 

  3. For Instruction Only (No Art Kits) the fee for a Virtual Paint Party is $300

  4. Virtual Parties need to be booked at least 4 weeks in advance.

  5. Payment is due when date is confirmed.

  6. You may transfer your kit to someone else if you cannot make the date, you just need to notify us ahead of time, no later that 24 hours before the event.

  7. You may reschedule your date up to 10 days before. There are no refunds on Art Kits that have already shipped. Unless there is damage, in which case please notify customer service right away so we can send you a replacement.

  8. If Pink Mud Art Studio instructor has to cancel the event and you are unable to reschedule, we will refund your money.

  9. The host of the Virtual event will need to choose a painting for the group from the Fun Art Gallery page. Please choose a couple of paintings in case one is not available for any reason.

  10. Please let us know if there is anything special we can add in our Art Kits that will make your event special and memorable. (Ideas; cocktail mixers, party favors, theme decor...) an extra fee may apply.

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In-Person Paint Party Form

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Virtual Paint Party 

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Virtual Paint Party Form
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